"Children develop something extraordinary for their souls when engaging with nature."
- David Attenborough

One of my great loves in life are trees & I have always wanted to live in a lane which has trees down both sides of it. I love how they tell each seasons story with such beauty, even in Winter they find a way to be bare but beautiful still I think. I realised a few years back that not everyone sees a tree in the same way I do. I remember being in a park with my sister and I said “wow look at that tree” and she said “what tree, there are loads of trees in here, a tree is a tree” & I said “no, but looks at -that- tree” …at which point she was bored and kept walking! & right in that moment I was thankful I didn’t see them as she did. For me every tree has its own story to tell & way to shine. So I couldn’t let ‘National Tree Week’ go by without marking it on my blog. The following words were written by Ilan Shamir & are mixed with some of my favourite tree photographs… I hope you enjoy it.


Advice from a Tree… 

Autumn -35  Come Rest

Stand Tall & Proud

Spring -13  Look at Me

Sink your roots into the earth

Gunnersbury Park Trees  Hide Me

Be content with your natural beauty

Totally Tropical  Marvellous Magnolia

Go out on a limb

Richmond Park Tree  Just Perfect

Drink plenty of water

Autumn Palette  Japanese Dream

Remember Your Roots

Flourishing Spring  Waters Edge

Enjoy the View!

Misty Morning  Sun Down

(Photography by Sunny Day – Words by Ilan Shamir)

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
- Dorothea Lange